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Dear Supporters,
Dear Friends,


These days, there is a nip of autumn in the air day to day. I hope this letter finds you safe and well.


On my side, I relish the thought of capitalizing on the opportunities in various musical performance to know how wonderful the music is, in 2006 too, and of pushing myself into missionizing for propagation of classical music’s enchantment to many people.


Well, I have decided to play one opus of W.A. Mozart’s creation this time, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary year of his birth.  What I have picked out from a multitude of his pieces for piano is 12 Variations on “Ah, vous dirai-je, maman” in C major K. 265, which is the first work of Mozart what I learnt in my life.  This one that I was moved by its simple beauty as a child, gets to my heart as for a pure work which gives off beam of hope, as it is now.


At the same time as Mozart, the first part of the programme has C. Debussy’s later works, full of poetic sentiment. The second part is comprised by lovely pieces of F. Schubert in the vanguard of romantic music, and by artistically characteristic ones of F. Liszt, felt the effects of Schubert but the hallmark of romantic composers.  I will hope you to enjoy these works respectively.


My year 2006 has turned out to be odd and obliged me to ponder deeply about life and point of living, caused by many knots about my ears.  Under such condition, I am now thirsting for just straightforward sublimation of music evolved from riot of my inner emotions, and would want you to listen to my execution.  And I have a sheer desire that this autumn recital would become the instant to reconfirm the meaning of life with you, through music.


Though I know how busy you must be, I would not mind your showing up and luring your friends and/or associates into the recital.  I am looking forward to seeing and receiving you at the  hall.


Yours very truly,
Miho Osawa